To You My Dear Friend,


Photographs can make time your treasure as they will tell your story for years to come. Your connections in life are special, unique, and unlike any other persons in this world, and I believe they deserve to be preserved and cherished in the same way — with genuine heartfelt authenticity, love, and care.

I believe in photographing the important, the intimate, and the in-between with creativity and attention detail; without stiff instruction, but instead with soulful understanding, without rushed checklists, but rather with comfortable storytelling.

I feel honored to be the artist for people who are ready to have their story documented and told in a way that is real, raw, and speaks truth. I want to photograph your moments, your love, your heart — in all of their glorious and unbridled beauty, in the places that speak to your soul the most.

There is power in photographs, how they are captured, created, and composed, and I believe that there is also power in how you share your heart. With both of those two things in mind, you and your family can make a difference in this world, by not just sharing your love with one another, or even letting me witness it, but when you schedule a home session you are changing lives through the Home Sessions for Humanity initiative.


Home Sessions
for Humanity


There are thousands upon thousands of people who need help all around the world ranging from clean water to medical access to relief from war and natural disasters. With there being such a vast need for help it can be overwhelming at times, especially when empathy and the deep desire to do good becomes involved. Frankly it can be confusing to know where to start or how to make a difference with the resources presented or even the lack thereof. It is my belief that there is a serious need for the human race to collectively join together in the search and creation of hope. Home Sessions for Humanity is my banner of peace, where the purpose is to make a difference for countless families with what I already know and love to do.

When you book your home & family session, you're not just getting meaningful photographs, you and your family will be actively helping provide for other families in need, as 65% of the proceeds from your session will be donated toward clean water resources, maternal and newborn care, food, immunizations, wheelchairs, vision treatment, and relief efforts. This donation process will be going through the Humanitarian Services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where 100% of every dollar is used for those in need of relief without regard to race, religion, or ethnic origin.

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