Evenings Away — 16 Week Bumpdate

Evenings Away — 16 Week Bumpdate

Sixteen Weeks Pregnant

This week was just as eventful as the one before, and it still feels very much like we're in the peak of summer here in Saint George, Utah. We are both craving the crisp autumn weather terribly, but still loving and enjoying every second of the endless heat wave that the desert has to offer, so much so that we've escaped to Quail Lake twice this past week. It really has done my heart so much good to leave the suburbs behind for a little while and just be. Thank goodness for a husband who gets my free spirited need for the outdoors.


Without a shadow of a doubt I am a firm believer in the simple truth that there is opposition in all things. Like I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I've been reflecting on what it means to have peace, to find peace, and to invite peace into my life. Our lives have been full of the unexpected, but there is still so much peace interwoven into it. This week I missed New York more than anything, I seriously think I have dreamed about being back on the farm every night this week. But that's besides the point, even in the hard things of this week, there were moments of pure peace, recognizing the blessings and tender mercies that were so prevalent for us.

Brian & I spent our Friday morning at the hospital, where thankfully Brian had his MRI done, and an arthrogram. It's really hard seeing someone you love be in so much pain all the time. We're looking forward to getting the results back this coming week, and chatting with the doctors to see what the next step is for him. I guess I'm writing all of this because I'm also a firm believer in honest living, and right now for us, this is our life. It's not always beautiful photographs and delicious baked goods, believe me. But I will say, that even in the midst of the opposition, there have been really wonderful experiences that have helped us grow, whether it was our faith, our humility, our relationship with each other, or our relationship with our Heavenly Father. It's been a refinement process, for both of us, and how grateful I am that we never have to go through it alone.

The Great British...I mean Breakfast Bake Off

Seriously the one thing I could not get enough of this week was baked goods, breakfast foods, and late night fruit smoothies. I think I had an open face egg sandwich every morning this week, with of course, sliced up peaches on the side. When my father in law visited last weekend he spoiled us with a heaping load of fresh fruits, so I made sure to put them to good use by making these scrumptious Blueberry Lemon Scones, and a Spiced Peach Galette, (let's just say that Brian was not complaining that I was experiencing a complete baking frenzy) As I have mentioned before, Brian takes the cake when it comes to gluten free baking in our house, I mean today he made a Sponge Cake with a Maple Whipped Cream, does Sunday night get any better? I'm going to argue here and say that it just doesn't.


So, I gave you my breakfast food baking addiction story, but what I didn't tell you was that every night this week I was in bed by 9pm, slurping down a big ole smoothie. Well, Wednesday night there I was in my most comfy hot pink polka dot pajama pants (very on brand, I know) just finishing the last few sips of that delicious peach, blueberry, and banana smoothie. Brian and I were sitting in bed, getting ready to read, laughing about who knows what, and all of a sudden I felt a tiny baby pushing on my tummy. It happened just a few more times over the course of a couple minutes. Who would of thought that something so small would be so incredibly significant? The more I get into this pregnancy, the more I feel like my eyes are opened to heaven. I'm not sure how else to put it, all I know is feeling that movement was miraculous, and a miracle all of its own.


(more specifically these tracks)

I Can't Seem to Make You Mine — The Clientele
Fade Into You — Mazzy Star
Ask Her to Dance — Coconut Records


"'What does it really mean to be a good mother?” I asked myself. Does it mean baking bread every day or sewing matching outfits for all four of your girls? No, clearly being a mother has most to do with tenderness and affection, with nurturing and teaching sound values, with conveying to children a positive attitude and a reliable sense of being loved. And it can be done well in as many different ways as there are mothers.

I realized then that I could be the most effective mother by creating a loving atmosphere in my own individual way, not by trying to live up to anyone else’s expectations of me."

A short excerpt from, "Motherhood: Choosing It Every Day", by Fay A. Daley


You might be thinking that it was making the surprise Sponge Cake he whipped up for me today, and that was a really close tie for first place, but when I asked Brian what his favorite moment of the week was, my heart went into a complete puddle on the floor.

As you've already read, Wednesday night was the first night that I really could distinguish movement. Well the next time I felt our little babe moving around was Friday night, and this time the movement was more noticeable. Brian was able to feel just one of the tiny kicks, but we both think it was so special that he was able to feel it all. He just couldn't get over how small it seemed, as if the movement was no bigger than a small tap of the finger. That was his favorite moment of the week, and I feel pretty blessed that this is the guy I get to spend my forever with.

To The Mountains — 17 Week Bumpdate

To The Mountains — 17 Week Bumpdate

Gluten Free Blueberry Lemon Scones

Gluten Free Blueberry Lemon Scones