America, the Road to Home

America, the Road to Home

The road I think is the purest form of recognizing the season of life that you're in. 

I loved this drive.

Each time I make my way across America the more I fall in love (and at a dangerously rapid speed) for days spent following the pavement, the in-between of destinations and all their ravishing glory. 

The days went by quickly, but they were oh so good. Arizona showed us her ability to transform from red rocks to thick intertwining pine forests within a matter of 30 miles. 

Our first day was pretty grueling - yet gorgeous in landscape as we made our way to New Mexico, arriving in the early hours of the next day.

We stayed in a quaint Airbnb, where the light unapologetically creeped through the bungalows skylights and windows. Plants danced along the walls which were decorated with dream catchers, pottery, and bottles with more plants spilling out. Our room had a wood burning stove & a complete lock on my heart.


Perhaps the beauty in the trip was knowing we were on our way home to our New York. 

Our New York with it's lush green that runs for miles and miles without end. 

Our New York chalked full of gingerbread flourishes and brick buildings spanning the small towns and cities.

Our New York with farmers markets, orchards, and locally owned businesses where everybody knows your name.

Our New York encircling us with arms of family, friends, and people who have watched me grow up.

Our New York, our home sweet home.

My New York: Green with Growth

My New York: Green with Growth

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