Embracing the End

A handwritten note scribbled on the inside of my little white notebook, a brief manifesto to myself from the beginning of this year. As 2016 is quietly wrapping up, I can't help but go back and re-read entries and evaluate the growth over this last year, and realize that I've just scratched the surface with removing false ideas of perfectionism, thinking back to that tiny sentence, this idea that still is so fresh in my mind, it's not about perfection, it's about embracing the process & progress. 

It's so funny but as I say goodbye to this word "embrace" I can't help but feel a deeper call to this idea and notion, something I've already begun mulling over with my search for my One Little Word for the upcoming year. I want to remember this experience, those days and the moments in where I learned what this word "embrace" meant to me and how it was put into action. There was a sense of confidence and completeness that came from this project this year. I felt like for the first time I really let go of other people's expectations in what they wanted me to be, in what expectations I thought that they wanted me to be. I embraced my humor, I embraced most days with a fresh face and makeup-less acceptance, a signal to me that this year became one of embracing inner beauty, more self-awareness of ideas, and the meaningful all while letting go of materialism, and high maintenance rituals. I embraced a summer sabbatical on design work and accomplished a life dream of working on a goat farm back in my beautiful New York. I embraced our move back to Southern Utah and genuinely considered it my home for the first time. I embraced going to bed early, and not letting my work take over my family time. I embraced saying no to putting too much on my plate, and I embraced saying yes to furthering my education through college courses and career workshops. I embraced motherhood, with love, anticipation, and pure joy, with everything it brought and everything it will bring. This year was one that I would like to think that I embraced with big open arms and one that I am leaving behind cherished with a greater grasp on letting things be, through appreciation and acceptance. I think most importantly, I have embraced the idea that a perfect life would be a boring life, that the opposition we face may be hard and uncomfortable, but that growth and reality is ten times better. 


I always have enjoyed this process of choosing a word, working with it, and letting it enter in my life with purpose. I wrote that I would share my process of my journey with "embrace" and I didn't, a very real part of my path, learning to understand that it doesn't always have to be perfect, because messy, as long as intentional in my book is as good as gold. That is my hope with this upcoming year, that I can share with you this project in a way that benefits and inspires, without this false need for perfecting the process, I want it to be as real and raw as life is. I hope that as you enter in the new year, you do so with action and purpose, with confidence, and with grace, I hope you embrace a word, a phrase, something that will help propel you closer to something bigger than yourself. 


But most importantly as you approach this new year remember to always embrace the beautiful mess that life is, and that you are.

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