30 Week Bumpdate

30 Week Bumpdate


I can hardly believe that we only have roughly ten weeks until our little babe is here. We're slowly making preparations, and trying to always make the most out of our one on one time together, because as exciting as this new addition to our family is I know that spending time with my husband is equally important and special. This year for Christmas, we made our ornaments for our tree, and I cannot tell you how relaxing it was to sit down and create together. Speaking of creating, the closer to my due date, the more creative I've been getting, *hence the blog design update, and the more my mind set evolves, and my aesthetic has been shifting *not anything drastic but just enough.

Fingers crossed this creative genius stays awhile.

On Sunday, there was a special musical number by the sweetest elderly man, he sang and played a beautiful German lullaby, Wiegenlied, on his acoustic guitar composed by Franz Schubert. He read the English translation before he performed and the words were so tender I just had to share.

Slumber, slumber, O my darling baby,
Gently rocked by Mother's gentle hand;
Softly rest and safely slumber,
While she swings thee by this cradle-band.

Slumber, slumber, all so sweetly buried,
Guarded by thy mother's loving arm;
All her wishes, all possessions,
And her love, shall shelter thee from harm.

Slumber, slumber, warm thy nest and downy,
Many a loving song for thee she'll sing;
Then a rosebud and a lily,
When thou wakest, she to thee will bring.


We started taking an amazing birthing classes at our local hospital, and I think we may have gotten the best advice I've heard all pregnancy, 

"Surround yourself in people who bring good emotions, who are positive about birth, and especially about your pregnancy." I am so grateful that we've had so many positive influences this pregnancy, people who are supportive of the way we want the birth to be, and even our wants of waiting to find out if we're adding a little boy or girl to our family. In this class we were able to watch how emotions affect a developing child through their vitals, brain activity, and overall personality, right in the womb — it was incredible.

At 30 weeks, I'm finding myself wide awake at usually 3 or 4am, this past weekend I decided to just go with it, I got up, turned on our tree's Christmas lights, played some soft music, and starting sewing. Yes, you heard me right, I was sewing. (Don't worry though, it was all hand stitching so I wouldn't wake up Brian, plus it was just embroidering so not really sewing because that's really the only thing I know how to do with a needle and thread.)  I finally got sleepy around 6am, and dozed off on the couch, to find myself waking up at 11:00am really wishing I hadn't. So this morning when at 3:30 I woke up again, I decided to try and do some relaxation breathing and within 20 minutes I was asleep, thankfully Brian still let me sleep in, and my day started around 8:00am, which is much better than 11:00 in my book. 


I'm at this funny point in my pregnancy where it's become hard for me to tie my shoes, and bending over feels more like a chore than I ever thought it would feel, and sometimes I think it would be nice to do those things with grace and ease again, but then I remember I only have ten more weeks with this baby bump, and I start feeling a mix of bittersweet emotions that my pregnancy is coming to an end. Ten weeks left is still a long time, but with as quick as it's gone, I know it will be over in a blink of an eye and I will be holding my little one so close, I mean I cannot wait to meet them, and snuggle them tight, but I know that there are things I will absolutely miss about being pregnant, like feeling this little babe move around. It's the craziest feeling in the most beautiful way, I wish I could describe it with words that would do it justice, but I can't, I know I can't. My favorite thing is when everything is calm and still, and I place my hand on my belly, and then it moves right there, almost as if our little babe is letting me know that they know that I'm there. Even when we go to our check ups, theres always the comment being made about how aware our little one is, it just makes me all the more excited, anticipating with great wonder what kind of personality our babe will have and what kind of person they will grow up to be.

We also finalized our names for our little one this weekend, and since we're still in the dark about what we're having, it's making me wish I was having two babes instead of just one. We've been pondering over this a long time, Brian has always wanted little munchkins right from the start, but I think that's kind of how I knew I was ready to start our family because on one particular long drive I started asking Brian about names for our future littles and we began going back and forth trying to decide on our favorite ones. Funny enough though, none of those names from that drive made the cut, but who knows, that all could change once we meet our person for the first time. 

A special thanks to Emma for stepping in for my husband and snapping these beautiful photographs.

Embracing the End

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