Every year I choose a word as my focal point and standing ground for my yearly goals. Last year was "thrive" and the year before was "be", so as 2016 was approaching I began my search. Weeks leading to the new year, I recognized bad habits that had formed, and mentalities that had been distorted, all which are too typical of my profession, and deadly by nature. It was the lack of grasping that I could just let things be, and recognizing that perfectionism was not my end goal, nor the false sense of human nature I wanted to take part in. Now don't get me wrong, striving for perfection can be a great benefit in different aspects and in small doses, but I would rather focus on completeness, wholeness, and realness. I began floundering for a word that would stick with me, and that's when I stumbled on this phrase, 

Embrace the glorious mess that you are.
— Elizabeth Gilbert

The key goal for this year is embracing raw creativity. Being a stylist and a creative by profession, I tend to let myself feel a lot of unwanted pressure of perfection. I think I tend to put overly high expectations on my life. I love beautiful photographs, and dynamite composition, one of the biggest reasons why I love social media is all the inspiration I know I can gather there. When it comes to products, meals, tablescapes, clothing, you name it, I love styling it. It's one of my favorite things to do, because it feels like I'm creating a work of art with what's in front of me, but at the end of the day, I need to take a step back, show the process and not just the outcome. I need to embrace that not every moment needs to be styled, or photographed to magazine standards. Mostly, I'm hoping to embrace a balance between work & personal life, instead of allowing them to become muddled together.

My heart starts swelling when I start thinking of all the possibilities with this word, maybe it's a silly concept, sure, letting one word direct and help me discover the best parts of myself, but I've seen the way a tiny word can make a huge difference. It's a sure fire way that I won't forget what I'm focused on, and it keeps me accountable, stay responsible and all that other goodness.

I'll be showing the nitty gritty real and raw of my process with this word, as I document my goals through a little notebook I picked up awhile back that's just been collecting dust in the side shelf of our antique desk. Embracing the tangible of creating for myself, and for just the plain sake of creating. 

*Note to self: it's not about perfection, it's about embracing the process & progress

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