MMXV — Our Year to Remember

MMXV — Our Year to Remember


At the close of each year, I always find myself looking and searching for the answers to the same questions,

"Did I reach my potential the last three hundred and sixty five days?"
"Was I brave in pushing myself past my comfort zone?"
"Am I proud of who I've become?"

And this year in particular, "Did I thrive?" 

Nostalgia sweeps through, when I begin searching through the archives of 2015. It was a great year, one that pushed me to rely on my own spiritually, a year that shaped me in ways I would have never expected it to, a year that moved me in more ways than I think any year had previously. Through distance and discovery, I became comfortable in my own skin, something that has been a long time coming. I quit questioning my gut, I stopped putting my dreams on hold, and I started grabbing onto the intentional with every ounce of strength. I found 2015 to be a year of soul searching, a year of love, and sweet tender moments.

I said yes, and married the man that exceeded my dreams,  I moved across the country, I traveled, I grew, I dove into life head first, and when things got scary, instead of running, I kept pushing forward. I'm grateful that in 2015, I launched this creative space, I began blogging again, after taking almost two years off. I'm grateful that in 2015, I was able to work with so many fantastic clients, I met so many creatives all around the globe, I'm grateful for each of you, who inspire me to keep writing, keep creating. Thank you for an amazing year. 

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I took of leap of faith, and started the year with flying to California. I spent two weeks with Brian, traveling to Los Angeles, Newport, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Pasadena, and we even took a short trip to Southern Utah. 

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After a month of long distance, Brian quit his job, packed his bags, and moved to New York, it was a complete surprise to me.  Next, we took a family trip to Pennsylvania, road trips definitely became a staple in our year, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

This summer was incredibly eventful, but we made sure to squeeze time in to visit the majestic Niagara Falls. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend spending a full day, there is plenty to see, and while you're at it, make the trip to Canada. I haven't been on the Canadian side since I was a little girl, but it gives a breath taking view of Niagara like none else.

The day was filled with a cheese & charcuterie board, love letters, hiking, and ended with Brian getting on one knee  in Letchworth, the Grand Canyon of the East, overlooking a beautiful waterfall. I said yes, and it was the easiest decision of my life.

The summer was filled with family, farm life, wedding planning, taking engagements, and of course trips to our favorite ice cream shop, Lake Effect. I also had a little trip to the hospital in July, which was really a blessing in disguise, after my Celiac crisis, I recommitted myself to eating healthier than I was, and invest the time to learn more about what I was putting in my body, GMO foods, their harms, their dangers. It has been a life altering experience that I am thankful for every single day. 

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One of my favorite DIY's from our wedding, were these gold, copper, and rose gold concrete planters that my mom and I made together.

Of course, the biggest highlight of my year was getting married. If I could relive that day over and over again I would. We had the loveliest reception, a beautiful communal, farm to table dinner, right in the heart of an apple orchard.

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Our honeymoon getaway was just as magical as our wedding. We each had planned a honeymoon at different places, and kept it a surprise until we arrived. 

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One of my biggest adventures of this year with Brian, besides getting married was moving across country. We drove the whole way with our little beagle and bearded dragon in tow. It was a hilarious and memory filled experience. I meant to do another travel post on our road trip, but never made the time too. Hopefully I'll be updating the photos shortly, but you can see our trip from Ohio to St. Louis.

2015, was definitely a year of growth. I chose "thrive" as my one little word for the year, and I tried finding those things that helped my creativity bloom. Starting fresh in the blogging world, after my two year hiatus was scary. I was unsure if this was something I wanted to dive back into, considering why I left in the first place was the unattainable perfection that was a constant pressure.  In the beginning steps of this blog I wrote a little manifesto, an anchor that has kept the vision of this blog grounded. It has been an amazing journey, and I can't wait to see where 2016 will take it.  

The list could go on and on with the highlights from this past year. I began my journey as a freelancer, and I had the opportunity to work with great minds and creative geniuses, working with my first international brand. It was a year of letting go of countless fears and choosing instead to be courageous and allowing that to chart the unknown.

2015 was my transition year, a year that opened my eyes to the type of life I want to live, and the content of my creativity that I want to explore and put out into the world. This past year was one I will cherish forever. May the new year bring you happiness, joy, and experiences to help you continuously grow, bud, and bloom. Cheers to 2015.

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