Our New (Parenthood) Life

It all started the other night when I crawled into bed, weary but more fulfilled than I ever had been. I laid there, with not even the energy to roll over and face my husband, and so I looked up past the ceiling as if I was speaking to the heaven's, and I whispered, "when we're 95, sitting outside,...

Three Months of Scattered Sunshine

I was sitting there, breastfeeding Ellis, sitting right in heaped in middle of the floor, flooding with emotions as we had just said our farewells to my brother for the next two years, and in that moment life gave me the mixed brilliance of a prismatic display on my sweet baby's soft skin. It was the sun bursting through...

New Mood

Allowing there to be room to evolve is especially important, not just in our regular day to day lives, but I believe that all aspects of problem-solving and creativity truly feeds off of evolution, and with that being said, we only hurt ourselves when we try to fit into a certain mold and refrain from exploration.

Georgia On My Mormon Mind

It takes an inner sense of bravery to pack up only two suitcases and leave everything you've ever known. It takes a greater understanding of purpose, it takes holding onto the answer to the all too familiar question, "why am I here?", it takes a sort of faith bound plunge into the unknown and into the unavoidable challenges, yet with eyes searching, soul in tune to the greatest of happiness and joys. 

Creating Home

Over the past week, I had the unique opportunity to stage a home before it went up for sale. I loved every second of the process, and I think that was physically visible as Brian said it was the first time where he could really see my creative fire burning at full force. The theme of this home was simple, comfortable, warm, and inviting. I wanted to create a space that future families looking at the property could envision themselves in without it being over the top empty or too cluttered with unnecessary pieces or personal items.

Dear Twenty-Four,

You are in charge of your own happiness, no one else's validation or encouragement can move mountains the way self-respect and self-love can. And when self-respect and self-love become your good friends find people with that same conviction to those principles; it's easy to continue on when your loved ones are headed in the same direction.

Mother, Artist

Motherhood — it's teaching me to trust myself, to reach somewhere in the depths I never fathomed or knew existed in my being and pull out only the very best parts. Motherhood is reminding me of who I want to become and how I can become that; it's shaping me, molding me, in ways I couldn't expect, and with that, shaping and molding my art too...


Bloom wherever you are, not just where you're planted, and not just when you are planted. If there's one thing I've learned thus far in my twenties, it's that more times than not we are in an uncomfortable and unshakable process that requires digging deep, uprooting, and abandoning an all too familiar and common comfort zone.

Typewriter Series 001

Go get that haircut you've always wanted. Start dancing in the street to the rhythms you feel. Paint your toenails or leave them plain. Stop conforming to the idea of what other people expect you to be, or even more so, stop trying to live up to this idea of perfection you've set for yourself.

Little Moments

I believe in the tenderness and cherished bliss that can be found in these little moments. I believe that I am terribly lucky — no that's not quite right — I believe that I am terribly blessed beyond measure having Ellis in our family.