Bre'an Angell


So Nice to Meet you!

Bre'an Angell is a New York Creative DWELLING by the teton's

My beginnings were rooted in the heart of juxtaposition, a foundation worth mentioning. My early childhood years were spent living amongst the cityscapes and concrete modern menageries of Sacramento, California until eventually my family moved east, trading the ever busy burning black tops and swimming pools for our 1800's restoration farm home project in New York, complete with lush green countrysides, homegrown apple trees, gravel driveways, warm wood burning stoves, and thirteen acres of our very own. This led to a culture of encompassed with diversity and with that my a deep love for the contrast and complimentary of old versus new, modern minimalism embracing extravagant romanticism, casual greeting elegance, and past finding present. 

"Where we are going is only significant if we pay tribute to where we have been. I think there is sheer power in the process of becoming and remembering."

Now I live at the edge of the Teton Range where my days are filled with mom jeans & bubbly giggles from my bright eyed boy Ellis and my nights consist of pilling in the car for a family trip to the library or cooking at home with my husband Brian while we talk about our big ideas and beautiful moments from the day. This little place on the internet is an extension of my heartfelt musings and honest living, my journal of paying homage to this process that we call life. When it comes down to it, I am an advocate for simplicity, romance, honesty, and virtuous artistry.