Bre'an Angell



Bre'an Angell grew up in the heart of juxtaposition. Her early childhood years were spent living amongst the cityscapes and concrete modern menageries of Sacramento, California. Eventually her family moved east, trading the ever busy burning black tops and swimming pools for their 1800's restoration farm home project in New York, complete with lush green countrysides, homegrown apple trees, gravel driveways, and the warm wood burning stoves. The surrounding culture from her diverse background instilled a deep love for the contrast and complimentary of old versus new, rough meets romantic, masculine embracing feminism, and past finding present.

She began her calling as an artist through painting, becoming ever intrigued and fascinated with texture, color theory, space, light, and form. Bre'an quickly dove into creating and connecting through different mediums as she studied fine arts and literature falling in love with the history of ideas, the culture of inspiring eras, and the feeling that only comes through passion and persistence.

Bre'an Angell officially launched her studio and self-titled brand in September of 2015. Since then her work as a creative contemporary has led her to work in many roles such as designer, brand developer, photographer, and stylist just to name a few.

Bre'an Angell currently resides in the red rocks of Southen Utah with her husband Brian and their darling Ellis.


First and foremost, my art form and aim is to be a visual poet, to hone in the essence of individuality, and to craft meaningful outcomes. I strive to create work that is symbolic in nature, influencing personal perspective, contemplation, and paying homage to the encompassing idea of renaissance. My work and creativity are two halves incomplete without the other, based and built upon emotion. I believe that great work demands the attention of its creator and viewer, whether subtle or bold, that art and what we put out into the world speaks volumes to those willing to listen. My process is one that requires deeper purpose, movement, and with that feeling, and finding delight and beauty through life giving imperfections, which then allows the expression come forth in a triumphant and enriched experience.


I have always been one for documenting, for writing down life as I know it, as I feel it. I have books upon books with scribbled down thoughts and notes of becoming which led me to my love of writing. This space was created for me to continue sharing bits and pieces online all in one platform, harvesting beautiful experiences and continually discovering myself along the way.

When it comes down to it, I am an advocate for simplicity, romance, honesty, and virtuous artistry. I am just a twenty-something woman, passionately putting it all out there, publishing & documenting the peace & goodness in the journey of living. My blog is an extension of those things that move me, to be cultivated, and celebrated, whether to inspire, to remember or my favorite, to connect.